Avery Vinyl Arctic Cat Trailer Wrap Team Arctic 2

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Avery Vinyl Arctic Cat Trailer Wrap


Welcome to Greenbackwraps.com If you are interested in a new trailer wrap, you have found the best company to design and install a wrap it for you.

It’s snowmobile season and we are in design mode.  Feel free to look at our website and pick a design you like or let us do a CUSOM WRAP for you!

Our Wraps are digitally printed using premium Avery Air-Egress Avery vinyl wrap material. 

Sealed with high gloss Avery Wet Laminate.- Waterproof + UV Resistant. 

CUSTOMERS IN MICHIGAN- If you are interested in a Trailer wrap, please add design to your shopping cart and checkout. Our shopping cart will capture all your information an we will contact you within 12 hours to get more information to get you an estimate.

OUT OF STATE CUSTOMERS- We can fly to you and wrap your trailer. You need to have a heated garage or live in a state with nice weather this time of year.


Give us a call today! 615-995-4973